600x600xoliynykAlla Oliinyk, Partner, Health Care, Pharmaceutical, Biotech

Together with Evgeni Utkin, the co-founder and well-known Ukrainian entrepreneur in IT domain, Alla founded Borsch Ventures in 2015 and was a Managing Partner within the first two years to launch and run the company focusing on precision agriculture, energy efficiency, health and security. The UARPA, mTax, AgroCor, Vlasna Pharma companies were created from scratch and raise funds; KMLabs, E-farmer, Polyteda, INTO were significantly developed during this time.

In 2017 Alla as one of the leader of initiative group entered National Innovation Council* under the Prime Minister of Ukraine and became a Business Coordinator of this formation. Innovation Council* is the most powerful governmental and business organization in terms of developing innovation ecosystem and innovation strategy in Ukraine. The same year Alla was invited to become an Advisor of Minister of Health of Ukraine for innovations and questions on investments. In October 2017 one of the Borsch Ventures companies was selected for one year program by the biggest world accelerator “Station F” in Paris. To grow and generate business in Station F in Paris Alla has become a Partner in Health domain of Borsch Ventures.

In 2018 Alla has totally focused on Health, Pharmaceutical and Biotech fields. She is currently following the Station F program and developing the new company. Simultaneously in February- June 2018 she initiated in Kyiv, Ukraine, the first national competition for medical and biotech startups “MBiosChallenge”. A hundred of medical startups had applied, thus, the professional jury chose only 12 startups finalists. For all startups a three-day full time workshop “Innovations. Market and money” was set up and held under Alla’s guidance and authority. After fruitfull learnings the companies “QRok Medical”, “Helsi.me” and “Liki24” were recommended by Alla and succeeded in receiving a professional fellowship in the USA in September. In October “Qrok Medical” and “Liki 24” were driven by Alla to apply for Founders Program (one year brilliant acceleration program) in Station F, Paris for 2019.

Prior to Borsch Ventures, as a General Manager Alla was running the Artemovsk Pharma Factory “Fitofarm” (one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Ukraine that was blocked in business development after 2014 when Russian Federation started a military expantion in the East of Ukraine, Donbass). She worked for “Sanofi-Aventis”, “Roche Pharmaceuticals” and “Astrum Investment Management” as well.

Education. Alla studied general medecine and holds Medical Doctor Degree in Allergy and Immunology from National Medical University, Kyiv and Master's of business administration from MIM, Kyiv.
In 2017 she followed executive educations in IMD Business School, Switzerland «High Performance Leadership program» and INSEAD, France «Corporate Governance program». Alla fluently speaks 4 languages, including English and French.

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