kabanenkoIhor Kabanenko, Partner, Defense&Security


President of UA.RPA
Kabanenko Ihor (1960) graduated with distinction from the Black Sea Higher Naval College (1983, Sevastopol), Higher Naval Academy (1993, Saint Petersburg), and National Defence University (2002, Kyiv). He attended European Centre for Security Studies (2004), US Defence Language Institute (2005), NATO Defence College (2006), and Asia-Pacific Centre for Security Studies (2008). In 2012 Ihor received his PhD degree in the sphere of risk management and conflict resolution.
In 1983-1990 Ihor Kabanenko served in the Navy, holding different positions up to the Commander of the ship and Chief of Staff of Missile Ships Division. In 1993 Ihor joined the Ukrainian Armed Forces. During that time, he was appointed to the positions of Chief of Operations and Chief of Staff of Ukrainian Navy, Military Representative of Ukraine to NATO, Chief of Operations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and First Deputy Chief of Defence. He retired in 2013 in the rank of Admiral. From May to August 2014 he was appointed as the Deputy Minister of Defence, and since August to October 2014 he served as the Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine for European Integration. Currently, he is a president of UA.RPA (Ukrainian Advanced Research Project Agency) that focuses on creation high-tech solutions and products for defence and security.

Throughout his career, Ihor concentrated his efforts on capability building in the Ukrainian Navy and the Ukrainian Armed Forces. He was strengthening relations with the Alliance and involved the Armed Forces of Ukraine in a number of NATO projects. He took part and chaired Ukrainian Defence delegations to various countries and international organizations and institutions.

Ihor is a strong supporter of modern development strategies and prefers all-round analysis of situation. He constantly examines the opportunities and seeks innovative and creative decisions. Ihor Kabanenko is result- and quality- oriented. He considers professionalism, logic and flexibility, preciseness and obligations as the core work’s values.


Ihor has been awarded with Government medals (“Bogdan Khmelnitsky”, “For Military Service to Ukraine”), UMOD medals and medal from California National Guard.  He is the Distinguished Fellow of New Westminster College, Canada.

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